Coming Soon – Hopefully!

As you may have noticed, all my content has gone!

Unfortunately during these weird times that we are all struggling with, I too am suffering from the dreaded ‘Black Dog’ who has raised his head once again, and I have just felt so overwhelmed by this Covid-19 virus saga. Perhaps it is because I am in the vulnerable group is the reason why, as it would be quite disastrous if I was to contract Covid-19.

But there has also been many, far too many in fact, setbacks and disappointments for myself and my family this year. If we could join the hibernating bears in North America, then we surely would, to emerge next spring to a Covid-19 free world!

Anyway, I am digressing.

During the earlier lockdown here in the UK, I have been working on my garden/workshop project and on my boat restoration/rebuild. I was also working on a new website and having a rather fuzzy mind at the moment, I somehow have managed to lose my backups for my posts over the last 2 years.

I have not given up yet though, there is another hard drive lurking somewhere within the gloom of the loft. When I can find it, I am confident that some of those posts will still be around and if so, I’ll re-share them on this new blog site.

So there you have it, my life at this time. I have much confidence in the future for us all, and I do mean all. Everyone reading this post, those yet to see it and for everyone else in this troubled world, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, disability. You are all loved and just like all the wildlife on this fantastic planet, you are appreciated.

Look after yourselves and I’ll hopefully have some old and new posts for you all to view very, very soon.

God bless.

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